Top 5 Travel Destinations to Visit for Senior Citizens

Top 5 Travel Destinations to Visit for Senior Citizens

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination spot where senior citizens can enjoy their days relaxing on a beach or simply head towards the golf courses. Oahu has plenty of tourist places in addition to being a tropical paradise which most seek. In order to avoid any rush, it’s best to book your spots at the Big Island or Maui.

  1. Lake Tahoe in California

Lake Tahoe, thanks to its attractive, sky-high trees can be a great destination for seniors to visit throughout the year. In the summer, the lake water is likely to be extremely clear serving as a perfect spot for a picnic. During the winter period, the beautiful snowfall tends to cover the towering trees & glazes its crystal-clear waters.

  1. Alaska

The fascinating landscape of Alaska is a home to waterfalls, massive glaciers, & obviously the great Northern Lights, which is among the 7 natural wonders on Earth. Older adults may also relax in the cabin homes while on a trip or go on fishing trips which is also a popular activity for seniors in Alaska.

  1. Cuba

Cuba, which is widely popular for its tropical conditions as well as crystal clear waters is another popular destination spot for senior tourists. Havana, the capital city of Cuba carries all the history & culture of the Caribbean countries.

  1. Bangkok in Thailand

The country which is considered as the home of unique, colorful Asian culture also has plenty to offer when it comes to luxurious vacationing spots for seniors. In addition to serving as a natural habitat to the wildlife, Thailand is also a home to some of the best and most flavorful dishes across Asia. You also get lots of opportunities to travel to the amazing temples spread all across the country such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace. About Senior 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans:  Senior citizens who are eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B coverage automatically become eligible for Medigap or supplemental plans. They’re essentially optional health coverages which seniors can purchase to go parallel with Traditional Medicare. Supplements help you cover some of the things which are excluded from Medicare policy such as deductible, co-pays & co-insurance. At present, you can find 10 different types of Medigap plans being provided by private insurance carriers. Also, the coverage could vary based on your present state or location.