Choosing Medicare Advantage Plans for Medical Expenditure

Deciding to get Medicare advantage plans is the right choice made for stress free life. Having medical expenses is a burden for many people. That is where Medigap also known as Medicare advantages plans steps in to help out. It is an insurance plan that covers a person’s medical and health expenditure by paying up the medical bills. Moreover these plans help pay the costs which the original medicare does not cover. Such costs which are not included in the original medicare are emergency overseas travel expenses or part B excess charges.

Benefits included and excluded from Medicare advantage plans

 Medigap plans which is also called as Medicare advantage plans augment the original medicare plans. In order for a person to avail Medicare advantage plans, he has to have the original medicare plan. Those who are eligible for these plans, should be 65 year old or more and those who are less than 65 years but are disabled or incapacitated. Some of the benefits covered in Medicare advantage plan include the following:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Overseas emergency ravel
  • Hospital insurance costs
  • Coinsurance or co payment
  • Hospice care service cost
  • Optional drug plan cost
  • Out of pocket additional expenses.

Thus, Medicare advantage plans include all of the above benefits except for:

  • Long term care in a nursing home
  • Routine eye and dental check up
  • Hearing aids treatment
  • Eye glasses
  • Private nurse care
  • Prescription drugs

Additional features of Medicare advantages plans

To obtain Medicare advantages plans, a person should have Part A (hospital insurance including in patient care) or Part B (medical insurance inclusive of sick person care, medical service and other treatment services). Medigap should also be called and identified as Medicare advantage plans. These plans insure for only one individual and so an individual and his spouse must each have a separate policy. Medicare advantage plans can be applied and bought from any licensed insurance company. These plans can be brought only from a private insurance company. It is also to be noted that that Medicare advantage plans are reusable as far as people pays their premium correctly, even if they have health problems.

Choosing the appropriate Medicare advantage plans

A person might want to insure himself in case of any medical issues, but he is unsure what plan to choose. In that case he can go to any private insurance company and get their help in choosing suitable Medicare advantage plans according to his needs.