While Jimmie Johnson appeared to be running away with this season’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at one stage, the last month or so has seen his advantage at the top being pegged back. He still holds a decent lead (thirty eight points) over the second placed driver – and remains the bookmakers’ favourite to win it – but his lead has been slashed from the near hundred points it was not long ago. This means that the NASCAR title, and the bets, are very much back on, but who are the drivers who might challenge Johnson through the second half of the season.


The current second placed driver is Carl Edwards, although this is not enough to make him second favourite in the eyes of the bookies. His odds of 15/1 do not make him an outsider though, and quite a few NASCAR gambling fans may favour a wager on him at this price. Kasey Kahn is third in the odds rankings on 8/1, but the massive one hundred and thirty points plus difference between him and Johnson could put off some from betting on him. Matt Kenseth, at 6/1 is also well behind Johnson in terms of points, but has won the most races this season so far (four), suggesting he would be a better bet to make up the difference. What this all shows though is that there is a lot to think about when placing NASCAR bets, which is probably why some lovers of motor sports prefer playing slots games at online casino websites.

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