Camry and Accord, both cars emphasize on perfect harmony between luxury and power. Toyota being the pioneer in automotive segment has refined the Camry to such an extent that is impressing both from inside and outside. The features present in the car, the spacious impression and the perfect balanced drive are few attributes that deserve praise. Whereas talking about the Honda Accord, this has been one of the most popular car which stands side by side with Camry  in many aspects and even goes ahead in some attributes. The spacious cabin and sheer luxury are also the attributes of the new Honda Accord.

2012 Toyota Camry

2011 Honda Accord Sedan


Camry and Accord both complement each other in many regards. Toyota Camry houses 2 different 2.5L DOHC engines producing 169hp and 179hp of power with max torque of 167lb-ft@4100rpm and 171lb-ft@4100rpm. Civic goes ahead with same engines but a bit more power, 177hp and 190hp with max torque of 161lb-ft@4300rpm and 162lb-ft@4400rpm. Above the inline engines, both cars also give a choice of 3.5L V6 engine producing incredible power to handle the extra excitements. In the V6 versions, Camry produces total power of 268 hp which is slightly less than the Accord’s 271hp. It’s obvious that the engines in Honda Accord are more powerful than those of Camry’s but the torque measure is better in Camry which states better acceleration in crowded streets.

Accord is attached with 5-speed manual transmission as standard and can be upgraded to the optional 5-speed automatic transmission. Toyota Camry comes with 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed auto as optional. The extra gear in the Camry allows one to exploit the engine more on the highways by giving some extra grunt.

Cruise control is standard in both the cars. The overall conclusion states that engine is better tuned in Toyota as it’s the torque which gives strength to a car in worse conditions and that is better in Camry. Regarding the top speeds, Camry has an extra gear to cruise little more with some extra efficiency.


2012 Honda Accord Interior

Honda Accord Interior


Honda is blessed in designing the interiors, and of course Accord is a very auspicious car by the company. The interiors designed in this car epic the craftsmanship of Honda team. Toyota is also no less than a miracle but still Honda wins in this aspect. The interiors in the 2012 Honda Accord are plush and clean designed reflecting luxurious and soothing environment. Toyota is also not a mile back and has fulfilled the 2012 Camry with good quality interiors but the feel of decency is not their. The dials and steering controls feel bulky and extra loaded. The controls could have managed more nicely so not to clutter up. On the other side, Accord’s dials and controls are neatly placed and visually appeal uncluttered. The features like dual zone automatic climate control, DVD navigation system, multifunctional steering wheel, mp3 audio system with ipod compatibility, heated seats (in premium models) and electrically adjustable seats are present in both the sedans.

2012 Toyota Camry Interior

Toyota Camry Interior


2012 Honda Accord Rear

Honda Accord Rear

“The first impression is the last impression”, is fairly the very correct statement. Honda has designed the 2012 Honda Accord with sharp and bold looks that can easily impress anyone. However, the looks need a big update now as the company didn’t had a major update on them from last couple of years. On the other hand, Toyota looks loaded with a broad smiling face which is visually appealing and fresh, but from the rear it has got the worst designed tail lights cutting off the rear looks. This gives a feeling of unfinished design.

The overall conclusions about the exteriors are; Accord is bold with strong presence on road to impress anyone whereas the Camry is a pleasant car that has a smiling presence. Accord looks good with males whereas Camry can be called a female car.

2012 Toyota Camry Rear

Toyota Camry Rear


Pricing of both the cars are of no difference. Both the cars have a base range around $20,000 and extend upto $27,000 for fully loaded models. Honda Accord moves one step ahead with one extra model priced around $29,000. Accord also gives the buyer extra option in buying the car in a coupe or a crosstour format.