Ford Focus and Honda Civic are the most searched cars on the net and also are the most loved ones. The reasons are their combination of features, drive ability and the money you have to spend in return for such a luxury. The 2012 Honda Civic is awesome as always with its aerodynamically designed exteriors and beautifully crafted interiors. Ford Focus is also no step back in the competition. The 2012 Ford Focus has actually focused a lot to make people happy with more combination of features. The newer Focus is going to be loved and carries such a host of features that can wrinkle other car makers of this category.  The main points of consideration are:

2012 Ford Focus Front

2011 Honda Civic Front

Pros of Ford Focus over Honda Civic

-          The torque produced by Focus is almost same but at lower rpm resulting in greater throttle response.

-          The trunk space of Focus is approximately 25% greater than Honda Civic.

-          The Ford Focus 2012 hatchback format is just introduced by the company which is now more optimized for superior performance. Hatchback variant is not available in Civic till now.

-          New 2012 Ford Focus comes with optional parallel park system that parks the car almost automatically requiring just the throttle response from you.

-          Its 8” touch-screen panel brings everything to ease.

-          Focus premium models are equipped with Engine Start/Stop buttons that don’t require you to take the key out from your pocket, that’s keyless driving.

-          Optional Rain Sensing Wipers, which automatically activates the wipers as per the conditions require.

-          Climate Control Air Conditioning is standard in all models whereas Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control is available in premium models of Focus.

-          Power mirror comes as a standard in Focus.

-          Safety features are awesome in the new Ford Focus 2012 and they’ve tried to considered many things to make the buyer feel too good to own this car.

-          The newer engines of 2012 Ford Focus are more powerful than Civic. Focus produces a max power of 160hp@6500rpm whereas Civic produces 140hp@6300rpm. Focus catches ahead in term of engine too.

2012 Ford Focus Interior

Ford Focus Interior

2011 Honda Civic Interior

Honda Civic Interior

Pros of Honda Civic over Ford Focus

-          The aerodynamic styling of Civic is obviously more attractive and eye catching than the Ford Focus

-          The choice is more with Honda Civic in shape of Sedan, Coupe or Hybrid. The same variants are also available in powerful engine formats as Civic Si with engine producing 197-hp to deliver much sportier performance. Whereas with Ford Focus, the company has cut the production Ford Focus Coupe and now the car is only limited to sedan and hatchback shape only.

-          The wheelbase of Civic is 2.3inches longer than Focus giving resulting in extra space inside for comfortable legs.

-          Braking system of Honda Civic is more reliable with ventilated discs at front and solid discs at rear. While Focus is installed with ventilated discs at front and drum brakes at rear which is certainly a negative point for such range of cars.

-          Drive-by-Wire throttle system is equipped in Civic which optimizes the engine response accordingly with driving conditions and driver’s expectations.

-          The instrument cluster of Civic is cleaner and uncluttered and gives a genuine feel of a luxury car.

2012 Ford Focus Rear

Ford Focus Rear

2011 Honda Civic Rear

Honda Civic Rear

New Ford Focus is now not that strange box shaped car with irregular looks everywhere. The model is now very attractive and has the shape that stands out from the crowd. The newer engine, class instrument panel, exclusive sound system (in premium models) and navigation system are built awesome.

Civic has always been one of the most loved and acclaimed car in the global market. Everything is top notch in this car, but newer model of Ford Focus has potential to cut sales as it is overfilled with so many features that can influence the mind of a serious buyer.