Glance on 2012 Honda Civic

Honda Civic is getting a major facelift in the year of 2012. The sketch ensures that the ninth generation Civic will hold much aggressive looks especially from the front side. The front grille and the headlights are designed with a lean look that does helps the view much attractive. There is nothing much revealed about the new model specs or functionality but still, we can expect changes in the interior cabin that is more soothing and plush than before.

2012 Honda Civic R

It’s been in news that the new Honda Civic will be available in a 3-door hatchback coupe form as well as 5-door rare hatchback form. There is an additional model carrying a R badge, which is in line with the newer models and will host a power-plant of 180hp to grove the Civic on highways. This model will be the most powerful engine into the Civic and might turn the whole image of this car into the most powerful ones. The launch is scheduled to be in the late 2011 or in the beginning of 2012.

The sketch will be showcased in the 2011 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) and after that the car will finally go on production to arrive in the late 2011.

Update: 11-Dec-2011

The new model is out and it’s a bad news for the Honda Civic lovers from Consumer Reports as they have positioned the new 2012 Honda Civic at the second-last position in the review of 12 sedans of this year. However, Honda Motor Co has disagreed with the findings. They say that the newer model is not agile, gives choppy ride and is lowered in the quality interiors.

In our opinion, the Honda has not updated it’s 2012 Civic with much enthusiasm as the car mostly looks the same with minor uplifts. People now expect more dynamic changes that can flaunt the view of everyone. Other competitors in the same segment are offering a lot of features and have done a lot in the cars to appeal the buyers. Ford is doing great and Hyundai too is not that slow. To pace up, Honda needs more drastic changes in their world now.

[Source: Insideline]