Sometimes when I don’t get anything to write about, I just start looking at the road and wait till the topic shows up. Same thing happened today, as both the cars Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Polo arrived from opposite directions. I smiled as I had got some thing to write about.

Both these vehicles are perfect competitors in all aspects. Looks, features, safety and performance, all these are handled with utmost attention in both cars.

Hyundai is a Korean car manufacturing company, a place where technology rules. One of the finest products, Hyundai i20 is designed to give all the premium functionality in a small car which one would demand in sedan cars. It’s a compact luxury vehicle which rules in power, features and looks as well and world really appreciates this car.

Volkswagen Polo, a German baby, is not at all lesser in features. Volkswagen is a company that pays perfect attention in loading the car with all the necessary features. The company is mainly indulged in manufacturing premium segment of cars, which are a perfect blend of luxury and technology.

Hyundai i20 FrontVolkswagen Polo Front


Hyundai i20 is available in both 1.2L (petrol) and 1.4L (diesel) engine versions producing max power of 77 Ps and 99 Ps respectively. The car comes in both manual and automatic transmission models giving you the full choice among drive options. Talking about the Volkswagen Polo on the other side, the engine available is 1.2L, both in petrol and diesel versions producing a max power of 75 Ps. The transmission available till now is only manual, which can divert the customer to its rivals as the customer has the options to choose better. So this is a weak point in the series of Volkswagen Polo of non-availability of automatic variation. Polo will also be available in a 1.6L petrol engine producing boosting power of 105 Ps to create thrill in driving.

Hyundai i20 Rear Volkswagen Polo Rear


Hyundai i20 is for people who stay distinct from others. The whole car is muscled and the looks are heavily weighted. No reason for the owner not to boast on owing such a car. The front looks are clearly lined on bonnet with teardrop shaped headlights giving the car a stunning and eye catching looks. Rear portion is also designed boldly with decent spreading, but could have been designed much better.

Volkswagen Polo does look good but the shape is not that much attractive that catches the eyes at first sight. It looks simply beautiful and is designed as an evergreen car. The headlights and front look is very simple and decent. But the rear portion of Polo is very sharp and better designed than i20. Volkswagen Polo is an international car which has already been claimed among the perfect cars.

Hyundai i20 Interior

Hyundai i20 Interior

Volkswagen Polo Interior

Volkswagen Polo Interior


Hyundai i20 comes loaded with features that are really fun to have. Glove box cooling, multi info display, keyless entry with folded keys, two tone beige interior, all power windows, 2 din music player with aux and USB support, electrically adjustable and foldable outside mirrors, steering mounted music controls, battery saver, alloy wheels, height adjustable front seats, defogger and a few more that are really worth to have. These all features give i20 a very distinct image among other cars in its segment.

Volkswagen is also a no-less-feature car but still lacks few things when compared to the i20, but contains few different features that are not present in i20. Few of the common features include music player with 4 speakers, all power widows (in high-end models), central locking and height adjustable seats. The other extra feature are window opening and closing through remote, fuel lid push opening and central locking and power door locks. The safety features also vary in number of airbags; i20 include airbags front, side and rear airbags as well whereas Polo just contains two airbags for driver and front passenger.

i20 Inforamtion Display

i20 Multi Information Display

Polo Information Display Unit

Polo Information Display Unit

Feature list of Hyundai i20 is bigger than that of Volkswagen Polo, but the quality of material used in Polo is far superior to any other car of its segment.


Hyundai i20 Petrol Variants Price (ex Delhi)

  1. Hyundai i20 1.4 Asta (AT) – Rs.7,44,167/-
  2. Hyundai i20 1.4 Asta AT (O) with Sunroof – Rs.7,86,063 /-
  3. Hyundai i20 Asta – Rs.5,59,900 /-
  4. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) –RS.5,81,900 /-
  5. Hyundai i20 ERA PETROL -RS.4,51,816 /-
  6. Hyundai i20 MAGNA -RS.4,79,900 /-
  7. Hyundai i20 Sportz Petrol -RS.5,31,817 /-

Hyundai i20 Diesel Variants Price (ex Delhi)

  1. Hyundai i20 MAGNA 1.4 CRDI – Rs.6,32,046 /-
  2. Hyundai i20 ASTA 1.4 CRDI – Rs.6,69,843 /-
  3. Hyundai i20 ASTA(0)1.4CRDI – Rs.7,34,540 /-

Volkswagen Polo Petrol Variants (ex Delhi)

1.   Trendline: 4,34,000/-
2.   Comfortline: 4,83,800/-
3.   Highline: 5,72,000/-

Volkswagen Diesel Petrol Variants (ex Delhi)

1.  Trendline: 5,32,000/-
2.  Comfortline: 5,81,800/-
3.  Highline: 6,70,000/-

The options in Hyundai i20 are more but it’s a bit costlier than that of Volkswagen Polo.

Both the cars are good at build quality and performance, just the choice matters. Polo is for people who love decency whereas i20 is for capturing the attention of guys around the age of 20-35 who like to stay distinct from others and loves to drive something unique and bold.